WIN Advisory Group, Inc.,has been providing Advisory, Management Consulting, and Executive and Professional Placement services in the Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, and Technology industries for over 25 years. In our 26th year in business, we are pleased to extend our expertise in these industries as they accelerate their need for Renewable Energy Innovations to meet the today’s challenges and the future.

The adoption of renewable and green technologies has been in process for many years, and has hit a “Tipping Point” where adoption has accelerated through overt need, supporting legislation, and incentive. We are being asked to transition skilled labor and professionals, executives and technologies from industries such as Automotive and Manufacturing to opportunities in Wind, Solar, and Battery Power.

The industry parallels are clear, and unique to Japan are decades of innovation that have been nationally promoted because of the limited natural resources, environmental constraints, and geography. WIN’s longstanding relationships and expertise in US/Japan Business lends itself directly to support the growing needs of larger nations including the US and China.

The continued partnership between the world’s two largest economies has an immediate global impact on a greener earth.  WIN’s Advisory and Management Consulting services are based on facilitating and fostering continued business cooperation between nations, who accept the challenge for “greener” more renewable and sustainable energy.